You know those moments when you are on?


Everything is firing in sync. Mind and body aligned. Your energy seems boundless. You’re in total control of your performance. Blue Chip Performance is for the individual who wants to feel in control of his or her performance.

At our Maryland-based sport and human performance company, we show you how to command these moments through the use of science and sharing knowledge. 


We teach athletes

how to improve fitness and human performance by focusing on the 24-hour athlete eco-system and evidence-based techniques. Blue Chip gives you the information you need to balance your sleep, nutrition, hydration, stress, and training in order to better perform.



working hard all the time. It’s about working smarter, and knowing when to work hard so you can continue to make progress and take your athletic performance to a higher level.

What our customers have to say about Blue Chip:


Stamina from science.

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